At the end of five sessions you will have been offered a number of tools that can start you on a path toward lasting change. The following are some takeaways that you can expect from these sessions:

  • A greater understanding and insight into the ways that you see yourself as stuck.
  • A new and revitalized mission statement that affirms your deepest values.
  • The creation of specific goals and commitments based on your chosen values.
  • The acquisition of new psychological tools, one being the “choice point,” to measure whether you are moving towards or away from your goals and commitments throughout the day.
  • Techniques to help you accept difficult feelings and sensations.
  • A practical approach for reframing and defusing negative thoughts.
  • Methods to help you to be a better witness to what you are doing, feeling and thinking throughout your day.

Overall, you will have started on a path that will help you to compassionately apply these kinds of mindfulness skills to living out your values and achieving your goals.