Focus on Change is a therapy that helps you identify and reconnect with what you truly value as a compass for your actions and behaviors – a revitalized mission statement for what you would like to achieve. As values are clarified and more firmly established, ways to commit to actions that matter and moves toward specific goals will be developed.

Self-awareness is an important component of Focus on Change and the self-observation skills you will learn help you to stay connected with your values and goals. “Applied mindfulness” is a good way to think about this type of work: learning how to observe your thoughts and feelings without becoming “hooked” by them.

In Focus on Change, self-compassion is also seen as an important asset in moving forward and your willingness to radically accept all of your thoughts and feelings may be part of the larger, more universal goal of living a life with meaning and purpose.

At the end of five sessions you will have been offered a number of tools that can start you on a path toward lasting change. The following are some key takeaways that you can expect from these sessions:

  • A greater understanding and insight into the ways that you see yourself as stuck.
  • A new and revitalized mission statement that affirms your deepest values.
  • The creation of specific goals and commitments based on your chosen values.
  • The acquisition of new psychological tools, one being the “choice point,” to measure whether you are moving towards or away from your goals and commitments throughout the day.
  • Techniques to help you accept difficult feelings and sensations.
  • A practical approach for reframing and defusing negative thoughts.
  • Methods to help you to be a better witness to what you are doing, feeling and thinking throughout your day.

Overall, you will have started on a path that will help you to compassionately apply these kinds of mindfulness skills to living out your values and achieving your goals.

For a deeper understanding of this type of work you may want to visit Common Questions or call/email for a free phone consultation to see if this type of therapy is a good fit for you.