My name is Lewis Epstein and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. For over forty years I have provided psychotherapy for people seeking change. I have done extensive work with clients suffering from anxiety, depression and emotional trauma or PTSD. I have also worked with couples in crisis and those experiencing the impact of separation and divorce. Counseling clients in failed relationships who have wanted to leave but felt mired in a kind of inertia has also been a specialty of mine.

I have worked with parents and offered workshops on how to overcome difficulties their children were having at home and at school. I am also the author of More Coaching for Fatherhood, a self-help book that examines masculinity and provides a guide for family of origin work as a source of personal growth. My blog, “Inside the Hour,” explores ways of healing relationships and the intersection of psychology and the world in which we live.

During a lifetime of doing psychotherapy I have employed a multitude of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR. I have also offered family therapy, family of origin work and a number of different approaches to help couples in crisis. I firmly believe that Focus on Change encompasses many of the best aspects of the approaches that I have used. I can say with confidence that the skills you will learn in Focus on Change offer the broadest and most comprehensive road map for getting unstuck and moving forward with your life.